The Black arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. The Black arm is a hardmount system made for gimbals that you want to mount on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc.

Attached our MoVI Pro to the Flowcine Black Arm and your footage will be second to none.  All the benefits of the MoVI Pro but attached to the 3-axis dampening arm.

Flowcine Package includes:

  • Flowcine Black Arm
  • 4×4 Vehicle with mounts in the front and rear.
  • MoVI Pro
  • RED Epic-W Helium 8K
  • MoVI Controller
  • Ziess CP2 Lenses:  15, 28, 50, and 85 mm
  • Walter Klassen Sling Shot
  • Redrock Micro Remote Follow Focus Kit
  • Teradek HDMI / SDI Transmitter & Receivers
  • Arri 3-Stage Mattebox used on the MoVi Pro
  • Operators
    • Driver / AC to Rig Vechile
    • Camera Operator

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