Aerial & Commercial Photography and Video

A multi-media creative studio that sets the standard in aerial and corporate photography & 8K video


Special Project Photography and Video

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Waivers to Fly Washington DC

Both UAS Drones and Manned Aircraft. Photo and video flights into the FRZ


Aerial Photography

Want to add impact to your property listing or project? We are the aerial experts and can capture your client’s attention in only the way that a full aerial photograph can.

  • custom aerial photography
  • low level obliques
  • high level vertical imagery
  • construction progress photography

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Corporate Photography

If your project requires on site photography, we are able to shoot on location with lighting capabilities that exceed expectations. Whether your project is due next week or this afternoon, we provide the means to get you what you need when you want it.

  • property development and construction
  • architectural & interiors
  • special events
  • food photography

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Drones – UAS

New Media’s pilot uses advanced drones to give you intimate cinematic aerial shots from unique perspectives. Our Inspire 2 Pro drone using the Super 35 X7 sensor can fly up to 400 ft high filming gorgeous 5K RAW or Apple ProRes video while using a state of the art gimbal system that can tilt straight down and pan 360 degrees.

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Video Tours & Photography

Property Video Tours will showcase your property like no other and will allow the property to come alive as we fly over using our drone and tour the inside using our Ronin S Camera Gimbal. Once all the video has been captured, we’ll edit the video down for final production.

  • apartments
  • corporate offices
  • warehouses and flex office

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Delivering 6K from the Ground to the Sky

Video Production

Directing Motion by using the Blackmagic Cinema 6K Pro  We are also a full service 8K company utilizing:

  • Blackmagic Cinema 6K Pro
  • GH5s
  • Sony A9
  • Ronin S
  • Zeiss CP2

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Cineflex / GSS Aerial Video

New Media offers the GSS Cinema Pro Plus and Cineflex Elite aerial cameras.  These aerial cameras are the ultimate gyro-stabilized aerial platform for aerial filming, video production, motion picture, and transmission line or pipeline survey.

  • Arri Mini
  • Alexa XT
  • Sony F55
  • RED Dragon
  • RED Weapon

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Waivers to Fly Washington DC

Since 9/11, the FAA has restricted the airspace around the Washington DC area known as the FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone). We work closely with the TSA to fly into the FRZ for aerial flights and video assignments.  Let us handle the paperwork and once approved,  we can photograph and/or film your project in the FRZ.

  • Helicopters
  • Drones UAS

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3D Showcase Virtual Tour

The next great storytelling tool. A 3D Showcase™ is an online experience that lets user move through a property and see it from any angle. Even get a completely unique sense for the place with our “Virtual Tour” view.

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