Cineflex EliteNew Media Systems has partnered up with Active Camera Systems to offer the GSS Cinema Pro Plus and Cineflex Elite aerial cameras. We can provide complete aerial camera package with multiple cinema camera options, HD LCD director monitors, helicopter brackets and HD recording options. These gimbal stabilized aerials camera are the ultimate gyro-stabilized aerial platform for aerial filming, video production and transmission line or pipeline survey.

The compact gimbal does not restrict aircraft operation and flight characteristics. Extremely durable and weather-resistant, the camera can be flown safely at higher airspeeds in extreme cold, hot or dusty conditions.

Some systems are based in Richmond, Virginia and available within a days drive along the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Available Cameras

  • Arri Mini
  • Alexa XT
  • Sony F55
  • RED Dragon
  • RED Weapon
  • Sony P1-R

Cineflex UltraCineflex ELITE
The Cineflex Ultra not only changes the game, but re-writes all of the rules! The Ultra integrates a RED 6K Dragon camera with the world’s most advanced gyro-stabilized aerial camera system. Aerial Filmworks newest Cineflex comes with multiple interchangeable Lens Options.

Our RED Carbon Fiber Dragon is configured with the RED 512Gb and 1Tb MINIMAG Side module which doubles record time. More record time equals longer helicopter flights. A quick-change gimbal door allows media changes in less than 1 minute. All RED Dragon camera controls are via the camera operator’s on-screen display, or through the REDMOTE.

The re-engineered laptop controller includes LED lighting and a USB power port for charging of mobile devices.

GSS Cinema Pro
We offer the GSS C520 & C516 gimbals. The C520 & C516 can be outfitted with the Arri Mini & Alexa XT, Sony F55 , Red Dragon & Weapon and the new Sony P1-R with direct fiber connection. Our systems are available in excess baggage shipping cases for easy travel around the world.

The lens options as of today include:

  • Master Primes 14 thru 150mm
  • 44-440 T4.5 Angenieux Anamorphic Zoom
  • 50-1000 T5.0-8.9 Canon Zoom
  • 19.5-94 T2.6 Angenieux Optimo
  • 25-250 T3.5 Angenieux Optimo
  • 25-300 T3.5-3.85 Fujinon Cabrio Premier
  • 24-290 T 2.8 Angenieux Optimo
  • 18-85 T2.0 Fujinon Premiere

Cineflex V14
The Cineflex V14 is the workhorse of the aerial industry. With over 100 Cineflex systems throughout the world, the amazing gyro-stabilization and rock solid images have changed the face of nature documentary and adventure sport films.

Cineflex V14HD is the ultimate lightweight, high-definition gyro-stabilized camera system. With numerous helicopter mounts and marine or land-based options, the camera delivers beautiful HD video. The Cineflex V14HD can operate at up to 160 mph and features the ability of 360 degree continuous pan, 165 degree tilt, and +/- 45 degrees roll, automatic and steerable, all with amazing accuracy and stability.

Designed around Sony’s CineAlta HDC1500 series, the Cineflex utilizes top-quality Fujinon lenses that are specifically adjusted by Fujinon for use in the Cineflex gimbal. Full 1920 x 1080 resolution with dual-link 4:4:4 video output is standard. The auxiliary box provides multiple 12v power outlets for monitors along with SD and HD SDI connections.

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Official Aerial Provider / Cineflex Operator for
UCI Richmond 2015