Since 9/11, the FAA has restricted the airspace around the Washington DC area known as the FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone). We work closely with the TSA to fly into the FRZ for aerial flights and video assignments.

We will prepare all the paperwork including the Scope of Work for filing and managing the waiver request with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Once all the paperwork has been filed, it can take 3-5 business days for the TSA to issue a waiver. Once the waiver has been approved, we will plan to fly your site on the next available sunny day.

Even through certain areas are still restricted, we can fly closer then were could before. It maybe possible to now photograph your sites.

NOTE:  Flights in the FRZ are approved using TSA Approved Helicopters.
Drone use within 15 miles of Washington DC is prohibited.


Give us a call and we’ll check to see if your sites require a FRZ waiver.

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